Awaken To Freedom Level 1: Detox, Fasting & Food Focused Healing Course

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Full Package Options Listed Below - Recordings and all material - done at your own pace, available ongoing.

What would it feel like to be at ease in your body? To be free from Dis-Ease, filled with vitality, mental clarity & an embodied attitude towards life?

Jump-start your process of stepping into these qualities & accelerating your learning curve by getting a complete look into the foundations of heart centered detox, fasting and food healing. A complete look to bring clarity to your individual process and an embodiment of the core principles to last a lifetime.

You deserve to naturally heal your relationship with your body, food and your connection to source. This is the doorway to personal empowerment, grounding and freedom.

Ive spent the better portion of the last 10 years exploring a vast array of nutritional, detoxification and healing based knowledge. With so many approaches out there, it can be confusing to know where to start & how to explore based on your unique path. Since we are each different, it is important we learn the principles of how to navigate this individual journey accordingly along with heeding the guidance of the many great systems that  are available for support.

Key Lessons We Will Explore

  • The Foundational Principles of Detoxification & Healing
  • How to listen to the body & its natural guidance system
  • Dealing with healing crisis, detox symptoms and the illusion of numbing
  • Emotional integration, processing and navigation with food, healing and creative energy
  • The simple & practical steps to multilayered purification
  • The Stages of Detox & the levels of fasting.
  • Breath & Meditation for activated healing
  • Navigating the journey through compassionate discipline.
  • The healing power of the 5 Elements! (and how to work with them)
  • Supporting Tools

The principles in this course will address the rout to healing typical symptoms of illness & dis-ease such as:

  • Low energy , taxed adrenals, high stress & anxiety
  • Mental fog, headaches, over-thinking, overwhelm, tinnitus, ear ringing
  • Difficulty processing emotions or keepign emotional baba
  • Skin issues, acne, rashs, rosacia, and the rest..
  • Heavy Metal issues, endocrine system imbalances, hormonal issues
  • IBS, digestive issues, chrons, constipation, bloating, acid reflux, sensitivities..
  • Candida, Bacteria overgrowth, fungal infections, Parasites, worms...
  • Acute or blunt trauma healing, old nagging injuries, bone, muscle, tissues etc.
  • Liver, kidney, pancreas, spleen issues..

Hear what others have experienced!:

This course will consist of:

  • RECORDINGS OF PREVIOUS GROUP CALLS: 3 Group Video Session Calls - inclusive of Q&A, related topics and guidance through the 9 day colon cleanse (ALL pre-recorded material has the main lessons on detoxification & fasting that can be watched on ones own time)
  • FULL Level 1 Detox TEACHINGS: ALL Recordings from initial LIVE Level 1 Course (10+ hours of footage)
  • 12 Part Step by Step Video Course Additional Intro to Detox & healing Video Course Set
  • A Telegram group to share your journey on progress, questions and further support
  • 9 Day Colon Cleanse Program to begin with the group or on your own time.
  • Psyllium Husk Pudding Recipe or included mixture
  • BONUS: Coconut Water Fasting & Purchasing Guide


$77 - PACKAGE 1: Group Cleanse + Video Program

$122- PACKAGE 2: All of above + 9 Day Colon Cleanse Psyllium Husk Mixture

$199 - PACKAGE 3: All of above + 1on1 session & health consult with Corey.

$389- PACKAGE 4: All of Above + 3x 1on1 sessions with Corey (receive guidance throughout the whole program)

Calls will be done on Zoom

Any questions -Message me


(full details -

(The 9 day colon cleanse guide is included within level 1 course - though the psyllium husk mixture used during the cleanse can be purcahsed seperately through our main product page)

The foundation of all physical detoxification starts by cleaning out the GI tract, specifically the colon. Over the years of over-consumption of foods that are often highly mucus forming, small amounts of food start to build up and collect within the intestines and colon. These small amounts add up and become hardened bits of excess waste that has yet to exit the body. Similar to if you did not flush your toilet for many years, the body starts to experience similar effects. With elimination pathways partially or severely blocked, waste cannot exit the body. This constipation of sorts, is the foundation to all dis-ease.

By cleaning out the colon first, we set ourselves up for the long-term detoxification process by releasing the initial layers of toxins and excess waste that through detoxification can end up causing issues. Toxins often can get recycled back into the body from the colon and GI Tract during fasting periods. By focusing on step 1, the later steps of fasting become not only easier but more effective.

The Cleanse

  • 3 Day Prep, 5 Day Juice Cleanse
  • Recipe for main Psyllium Pudding to Support in cleansing
  • Telegram group chat for 24/7 sharing & discussing
  • Additional 1on1 Support Available.

Full Details:

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Full Recordings of Level 1 Course
9 Day Colon Cleanse
Telegram Group
12 Part intro to detox Video Course


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Awaken To Freedom Level 1: Detox, Fasting & Food Focused Healing Course

2 ratings
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