Meditation, Self-Inquiry & Self-Healing Master Bundle (20+ Beginner to Advanced Techniques)

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A complete course for any experience level to learn the art, science and practice of Meditation, Self-Inquiry and Contemplation. Whether a beginner or advanced practitioner, this course provides meditations for all levels, and further dives into related subjects of investigative contemplation, emotional healing, and the self-realization of inner peace.

Through the various meditations & recordings you will learn:

  • Some of the most advanced yet to-the-point direct styles of meditation, self-inquiry and healing based contemplation processes.
  • Styles of meditaiton for different scenarios, intentions and focuses - also styles that apply to each of the different types of people
  • How to get into a regular practice with Meditation along with implementing it as a moment to moment practice through devotional living.
  • Learn the advanced practice on making everything you do a Meditation.
  • Journal-ling approaches to support with inner resolution of trauma, inner questions, or topics arising in your life.
  • A Comprehenisve approach to becoming your own energy healer (through meditative inquiry, energy direction and practice)

This bundle has over 20+ hours of guided meditation videos and audios that point you back to yourself. They come from a series of meditation sessions we have done this past year, along with other specific one-off workshops or videos that I are relevant. They have the capacity for rapid realization and remembrance of your true nature, and the abiding peace, love and joy that can come with this. 

Here are some of the 20+ meditations:

  • Pranic Cellular Breathing Process
  • Sourcing Your Own Joy, Peace and Love
  • Eternal Life Guided Meditation
  • Master MANIFESTATION Technique (from other course)
  • Who Am I - Fundamental Self-Inquiry Technique
  • Who Am I - Advanced Process
  • Inner Child Healing Process
  • Compassion & Forgiveness For ALl
  • Eternal Patience
  • How to Heal ANYTHING
  • AWAKEN To The Absolute - Awaken To the Self! #1
  • Eternal Awareness
  • How to Heal all Layers of Trauma
  • Finding Peace in Relationships - Dissolving Relationship Trauma

Each meditation is unique but comes back to a similar essence throughout. I've included all of these to give different angles and approaches to the same thing - as all paths lead to the source. With this at heart, as a masterful approach is developed through this, we come to see the infinite nature of meditation itself and all the ways it can be explored. Starting to take this upon ourselves to navigate the vastness of our very own self, seeing that all is within our reach, anything to be explored, answered, healed, resolved, realized, remembered. We can begin to develop our skills like a dancer, an artist, one that flows with the vast structures of eternity. This is what this exploration is for!

What is included in the bundle:

  • Over 20 Hours of Full Video + Audio of All Meditations + additional Sessions
  • Additional Specific Workshop Recording Material
  • Telegram Group Access for Q&A opportunities, accountability and discussion

$22-$77 Sliding Scale *** Note if financial challenges or would like to exchange in another way - send me a private message or email at

A fully comprehensive package of some of the most effective and popular meditations over the past few years. I have been teaching meditation for almost a decade now, and with that have learned the vast nature of the meditative practice with many of the nuances that it comes with. There is not just 1 technique for everything, though certainly, all meditations come back to some fundamental principles. As we come to know this, things simplify, and simultaneously all of life itself becomes a vast meditation.

Enjoy this course as its one of my favourite bundles of content ive ever put out!

Lots of Love.

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20+ Guided Meditaiton Techniques + Many Hours of additional workshop content!

Telegram Group Access
FULL Audio Versions
Bonus Workshop Footage on Self-Healing


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Meditation, Self-Inquiry & Self-Healing Master Bundle (20+ Beginner to Advanced Techniques)

3 ratings
I want this!