Awaken To Freedom Level 2: Emotional Healing & Shadow Integration Course (with 1on1 Trauma Healing Options)

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Experience True freedom - Heal Your shadow, integrate emotional trauma and balance your nevous system with this course!

The next step in the Awaken To Freedom Course is the exploration into the vast topic of shadow work, emotional trauma healing & integration, the development of new relationships with all of life.

Having explored in level 1 an in depth look at food, detoxification, fasting and the full spectrum healing approach - we move into a very important and integral component to walking this path in balance, which is in the healing. integration and processing of emotional trauma & what is typically deemed the "shadow".

What we will explore:

  • The Foundational principles of the integration of shadow & authentic emotional trauma healing work - Step into a new you free from unconscious trauma & emotional compensation responses
  • Moving through the whole process of emotional trauma healing, processing and integration so that you remember the freedom in which you are.
  • Covering the full spectrum of Relationship Archetype work - healing the wounds associated with each of them and opening up the doorway to create new relationships on completely new foundation
  • Re-development of a healthy balance of masculine & feminine energies through the healing of the primary Mother & Father wounds associated.
  • Addressing common core "weak" points within the Shadow - inclusive of Victim Victimizer Drama games, Sexual Misery Programs. Relationship Conflict Dramas in all their forms and more.
  • Learning the difference between trauma bonds and true intimacy - exploring the processes for emotional integration through the NonDual Lens.
  • Learning specific methods for deepened emotional integration along with real-time processing within ones experience.

What the Course Will Include

  • 3 Live Group Calls & Q&A + 1 Bonus Integration Call
  • Community Telegram Access
  • 10+ Hours Access to All Recordings and Additional Material Dropbox
  • BONUS: 2 Hour - Accelerated Emotional Soverignty Workshop - YouTube
  • NLP & Trauma Healing Bonus Workshop
  • Additional Material Database
  • Awareness Method Healing Process Video Course Program


Recording + Live Calls $99-$133 (Sliding Scale Option)

1x 1on1 + Recordings + Live Calls $177-$222

Full Process 3x 1on1 + Recording + Live Calls $333-$444

PAYMENT Plans are available, Send me a message.

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Awaken To Freedom Level 2: Emotional Healing & Shadow Integration Course (with 1on1 Trauma Healing Options)

3 ratings
I want this!